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costotransversectomy cos·to·trans·ver·sec·to·my (kŏs’tō-trāns’vûr-sěk’tə-mē, -trānz’-)
Excision of a portion of a rib and the articulating transverse process.


Read Also:

  • Costotransverse ligament

    costotransverse ligament n.

  • Cost-overrun

    noun 1. cost in excess of that originally estimated or budgeted, especially in a government contract: Additional funds had to be allocated to cover the cost overrun on the new fighter plane.

  • Costovertebral

    costovertebral cos·to·ver·te·bral (kŏs’tō-vûr’tə-brəl, -vər-tē’brəl) adj. Of or relating to the ribs and the thoracic vertebrae with which they articulate; vertebrocostal.

  • Costoxiphoid

    costoxiphoid cos·to·xiph·oid (kŏs’tō-zĭf’oid’) adj. Relating to the ribs and the xiphoid cartilage of the sternum.

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