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Costume jewellery

jewellery that is decorative but has little intrinsic value


Read Also:

  • Costume-jewelry

    noun 1. jewelry made of nonprecious metals, sometimes gold-plated or silver-plated, often set with imitation or semiprecious stones.

  • Costume piece

    noun 1. any theatrical production, film, television presentation, etc, in which the performers wear the costumes of a former age Also called costume drama

  • Costume play

    noun See costume drama

  • Costumer

    [kos-too-mer, -tyoo-; ko-stoo-mer, -styoo-] /ˈkɒs tu mər, -tyu-; kɒˈstu mər, -ˈstyu-/ noun 1. a person who makes, sells, or rents , as for theatrical productions. 2. a clothes tree.

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