[koh-zee] /ˈkoʊ zi/

adjective, cosier, cosiest, noun, plural cosies, verb, cosied, cosying.
[koh-zee] /ˈkoʊ zi/
adjective, cozier, coziest.
snugly warm and comfortable:
a cozy little house.
convenient or beneficial, usually as a result of dishonesty or connivance:
a very cozy agreement between competing firms.
suggesting opportunistic or conspiratorial intimacy:
a cozy relationship between lobbyists and some politicians.
discreetly reticent or noncommittal:
The administrators are remaining cozy about which policy they plan to adopt.
noun, plural cozies.
a padded covering for a teapot, chocolate pot, etc., to retain the heat.
verb (used with object), cozied, cozying.
to make more cozy (often followed by up):
New curtains would cozy the room up a bit.
Verb phrases
cozy up (to), Informal.

adjective -sier, -siest (US) -zier, -ziest
warm and snug
intimate; friendly
convenient, esp for devious purposes: a cosy deal
noun (pl) -sies, (US) -zies
a cover for keeping things warm: egg cosy
adjective, noun -zier, -ziest (pl) -zies
the usual US spelling of cosy

1709, colsie, Scottish dialect, perhaps of Scandinavian origin (cf. Norwegian kose seg “be cozy”). In Britain, usually cosy. Related: Cozily; coziness.

chiefly British form of cozy.

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