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[kot-i-jer] /ˈkɒt ɪ dʒər/

a person who lives in a .
Also, cotter, cottier
[kot-ee-er] /ˈkɒt i ər/ (Show IPA). British. a rural worker; a laborer on a farm or in a small village.
a person having a private house at a vacation resort.
another name for cotter2 (sense 1)
(in Ireland) a peasant farming a smallholding under cottier tenure (the holding of not more than half an acre at a rent of not more than five pounds a year)
another name for cottager (sense 1)
a person who lives in a cottage
a rural labourer
(mainly Canadian) a person holidaying in a cottage, esp an owner and seasonal resident of a cottage in a resort area
(history) another name for cotter2


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