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a plain-weave or twill-weave fabric with nap on one side only Also called Canton flannel


Read Also:

  • Cotton-gin

    noun 1. a machine for separating the fibers of cotton from the seeds.

  • Cotton-grass

    noun 1. any rushlike plant constituting the genus Eriophorum, of the sedge family, common in swampy places and bearing spikes resembling tufts of cotton. noun 1. any of various N temperate and arctic grasslike bog plants of the cyperaceous genus Eriophorum, whose clusters of long silky hairs resemble cotton tufts Also called bog cotton

  • Cotton-gum

    noun 1. any of several tupelo trees, especially Nyssa aquatica.

  • Cottonian

    library in the British Museum, named for antiquarian Sir Robert Bruce Cotton (1570-1631). He donated some book to the state and his grandson donated the rest. It was badly damaged in a fire in 1731. The surname represents Old English cotum, plural of cot “cottage.”

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