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Suggesting, often lamenting, what might have been: other coulda-been sad-sack tales (1990s+)


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  • Could eat a horse

    verb phrase To be extremely hungry (1936+)

  • Could murder

    verb phrase To want to cause harm: could murder him for ordering that (1935+)

  • Could not care less

    verb phrase One simply does not care; one is sublimely indifferent •In a curious development, the original British negative form has been changed to affirmative by many US speakers, without change of meaning; such contradiction is more common in slang than in standard speech: I couldn’t care less if you like me or not/ I […]

  • Couldst

    [koo dst, koo tst] /kʊdst, kʊtst/ auxiliary verb and verb, Archaic. 1. 2nd person singular simple past tense of 1 . [kan; unstressed kuh n] /kæn; unstressed kən/ auxiliary verb, present singular 1st person can, 2nd can or (Archaic) canst, 3rd can, present plural can; past singular 1st person could, 2nd could or (Archaic) couldst, […]

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