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[koo-lee] /ˈku li/

Chiefly Western U.S. and Western Canada. a deep ravine or gulch, usually dry, that has been formed by running water.
a small valley.
a low-lying area.
a small intermittent stream.
Geology. a stream of lava.
/ˈkuːleɪ; -lɪ/

(Western US & Canadian) a dry stream valley, especially a long steep-sided gorge or ravine that once carried melt water from a glacier
a small intermittent stream in such a ravine

“deep ravine, seasonally flooded,” 1804, a North American word, originally in areas explored by French trappers, from French coulée “flow” (17c.), from fem. past participle of couler “to flow,” from Latin colare “to filter, strain” (see colander).


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