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Councilman body

Councilman body Coun·cil·man body (koun’səl-mən)
An eosinophilic globule seen in the liver in yellow fever and derived from necrosis of a single hepatic cell.


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  • Councilmember

    [koun-suh l-mem-ber] /ˈkaʊn səlˌmɛm bər/ noun 1. a of a , especially a .

  • Council-of-economic-advisers

    noun, U.S. Government. 1. a board, consisting of three members, established in 1946 to advise the president on economic matters. Abbreviation: CEA.

  • Council of europe

    noun 1. an association of European states, established in 1949 to promote unity between its members, defend human rights, and increase social and economic progress

  • Council-of-ministers

    noun 1. the policy-making body of the European Economic Community, representing all the member nations. 2. (sometimes lowercase) the highest administrative body of various countries, usually serving in an advisory capacity to the chief executive; cabinet.

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