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Countably many



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  • Count against

    verb 1. (intransitive, preposition) to have influence to the disadvantage of: your bad timekeeping will count against you Be disadvantageous to, as in His earnings this year will count against his Social Security benefits. This idiom uses count in the sense of “make a reckoning,” in this case negative. [ Early 1900s ]

  • Countback

    /ˈkaʊntˌbæk/ noun 1. a system of deciding the winner of a tied competition by comparing earlier points or scores

  • Countdown

    [kount-doun] /ˈkaʊntˌdaʊn/ noun 1. the backward counting in fixed time units from the initiation of a project, as a rocket launching, with the moment of firing designated as zero. 2. the final preparations made during this period. 3. a period of increasing activity, tension, or anxiety, as before a deadline. /ˈkaʊntˌdaʊn/ noun 1. the act […]

  • Counted

    [kount] /kaʊnt/ verb (used with object) 1. to check over (the separate units or groups of a collection) one by one to determine the total number; add up; enumerate: He counted his tickets and found he had ten. 2. to reckon up; calculate; compute. 3. to list or name the numerals up to: Close your […]

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