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[ahr-gyoo] /ˈɑr gyu/

verb (used without object), argued, arguing.
to present reasons for or against a thing:
He argued in favor of capital punishment.
to contend in oral disagreement; dispute:
The senator argued with the president about the new tax bill.
verb (used with object), argued, arguing.
to state the reasons for or against:
The lawyers argued the case.
to maintain in reasoning:
to argue that the news report must be wrong.
to persuade, drive, etc., by reasoning:
to argue someone out of a plan.
to show; prove; imply; indicate:
His clothes argue poverty.
verb -gues, -guing, -gued
(intransitive) to quarrel; wrangle: they were always arguing until I arrived
(intransitive; often foll by for or against) to present supporting or opposing reasons or cases in a dispute; reason
(transitive; may take a clause as object) to try to prove by presenting reasons; maintain
(transitive; often passive) to debate or discuss: the case was fully argued before agreement was reached
(transitive) to persuade: he argued me into going
(transitive) to give evidence of; suggest: her looks argue despair

c.1300, “to make reasoned statements to prove or refute a proposition,” from Old French arguer “maintain an opinion or view; harry, reproach, accuse, blame” (12c.), from Latin argutare “to prattle, prate,” frequentative of arguere “make clear, make known, prove, declare, demonstrate,” from PIE *argu-yo-, from root *arg- “to shine, be white, bright, clear” (see argent). Meaning “to oppose, dispute” is from late 14c. Related: Argued; arguing.


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