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[verb, noun koun-ter-singk; verb koun-ter-singk] /verb, noun ˈkaʊn tərˌsɪŋk; verb ˌkaʊn tərˈsɪŋk/

verb (used with object), countersank, countersunk, countersinking.
to enlarge the upper part of (a cavity), especially by chamfering, to receive the cone-shaped head of a screw, bolt, etc.
to cause (the head of a screw, bolt, etc.) to into a prepared depression so as to be flush with or below the surface.
a tool for countersinking a hole.
a countersunk hole.
verb (transitive) -sinks, -sinking, -sank, -sunk
to enlarge the upper part of (a hole) in timber, metal, etc, so that the head of a bolt or screw can be sunk below the surface
to drive (a screw) or sink (a bolt) into such an enlarged hole
Also called countersink bit. a tool for countersinking
a countersunk depression or hole


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