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a person from the country or from a small town, to whom the sights and activities of a large city are novel and bewildering.
an unsophisticated person from the country, esp one regarded as an object of amusement

noun phrase

A distant though related person or thing: This was country cousin to a myth that floated around St. Louis earlier, about a major utility that ordered six thousand body bags with its name imprinted on them

[1770+; The date refers to the sense ”an unsophisticated rustic relative”]
One whose lack of sophistication or rural ways may amuse or embarrass city dwellers. For example, The sightseeing guide geared his tour toward country cousins who had never been to a large city before. This term, which literally means “a cousin who lives in the country,” has been used in this figurative way since the second half of the 1700s, although the idea is much older (such persons were stock figures of fun in Restoration comedies of the late 1600s and early 1700s).


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