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an elective county official in most U.S. states who generally keeps records of property titles, distributes ballots, issues licenses, etc.

an elected official in many US states who is responsible for the documents and records of a county

County clerks record property titles, distribute ballots, issue licenses, etc.


Read Also:

  • County-commissioner

    noun 1. a member of a U.S. county board overseeing the collection and disbursement of funds and other affairs of the county.

  • County-court

    noun 1. 2. noun 1. (in England) a local court exercising limited jurisdiction in civil matters

  • County-fair

    noun 1. a competitive exhibition of farm products, livestock, etc., often held annually in the same place in the county.

  • County-farm

    noun 1. a farm maintained for the poor by a county.

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