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a stereotyped pattern of behavior in animals that functions to attract and arouse a prospective mate.


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  • Court-shoe

    noun, British. 1. 2 . noun 1. a low-cut shoe for women, having no laces or straps

  • Courtside

    [kawrt-sahyd, kohrt-] /ˈkɔrtˌsaɪd, ˈkoʊrt-/ noun 1. (in sports) the area adjoining the official playing area of a , as in basketball, tennis, or volleyball.

  • Court-tennis

    noun 1. a variety of tennis played indoors on a specially constructed court having high cement walls off which the ball may be played, points being made chiefly by stroking the ball into any of three openings in the walls of the court. Compare (def 7), (def 7), . noun 1. the US term for […]

  • Court-tomb

    noun, Archaeology. 1. a type of Neolithic trapezoidal burial mound having a semicircular forecourt at one end and bounded by large standing stones, common in the British Isles.

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