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[kuhv-er-ij, kuhv-rij] /ˈkʌv ər ɪdʒ, ˈkʌv rɪdʒ/

Insurance. protection provided against risks or a risk, often as specified:
Does the coverage include flood damage?
Journalism. the reporting and subsequent publishing or broadcasting of news:
The World Series receives international coverage.
the extent to which something is .
the area, groups, or number of persons served or reached by a newspaper, radio or television station, advertising campaign, business, etc.; market.
Radio and Television. the area within the broadcasting range of a station or network, usually calculated by the number of owners of radio or television receivers.
Finance. the value of funds held to back up or meet liabilities.
Photography. .
the amount or extent to which something is covered
(journalism) the amount and quality of reporting or analysis given to a particular subject or event
the extent of the protection provided by insurance

the section of the public reached by a medium of communication

mid-15c., “charge for a booth at a fair,” from cover + -age. Reintroduced 1912, American English, in insurance.


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