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Covering fire

(military) firing intended to protect an individual or formation making a movement by forcing the enemy to take cover


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    noun 1. a letter that accompanies another letter, a package, or the like, to explain, commend, etc. noun 1. an accompanying letter sent as an explanation, introduction, or record

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    occurs only in Gen. 20:16. In the Revised Version the rendering is “it (i.e., Abimelech’s present of 1,000 pieces of silver to Abraham) is for thee a covering of the eyes.” This has been regarded as an implied advice to Sarah to conform to the custom of married women, and wear a complete veil, covering […]

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    [kuhv-er-lit] /ˈkʌv ər lɪt/ noun 1. Also, coverlid [kuhv-er-lid] /ˈkʌv ər lɪd/ (Show IPA). a bed quilt that does not the pillow, used chiefly for warmth; bedspread. 2. Archaic. any or . /ˈkʌvəlɪt/ noun 1. another word for bedspread n. c.1300, perhaps a diminutive of cover (n.), but early form coverlite suggests an unrecorded Old […]

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    [kuhv-er-lee] /ˈkʌv ər li/ noun 1. Sir Roger de, a literary figure representing the ideal of the early 18th-century squire in The Spectator, by Addison and Steele. /ˈkʌvəlɪ/ noun 1. See Sir Roger de Coverley

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