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Cow out

verb phrase

To lose control (1990s+ Students)


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  • Cow parsley

    noun 1. a common Eurasian umbelliferous hedgerow plant, Anthriscus sylvestris, having umbrella-shaped clusters of white flowers Also called keck, Queen Anne’s lace

  • Cow-parsnip

    noun 1. any of several tall, coarse plants of the genus Heracleum, of the parsley family, as H. sphondylium or H. lanatum, having large, flat clusters of white flowers. noun 1. any tall coarse umbelliferous plant of the genus Heracleum, such as H. sphondylium of Europe and Asia, having thick stems and flattened clusters of […]

  • Cowpat

    /ˈkaʊˌpæt/ noun 1. a single dropping of cow dung n,n phr A disk of cattle dung; meadow muffin: the meadow muffin, better known as the cow pie (1940s+)

  • Cowpats

    interjection An exclamation of scorn, disbelief, vexation, etc; bullshit: Cowpats! He’s just trying to make my life miserable (1990s+)

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