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[kou-hand] /ˈkaʊˌhænd/

a person employed on a cattle ranch; cowboy or cowgirl.


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    [kou-urb, -hurb] /ˈkaʊˌɜrb, -ˌhɜrb/ noun 1. a plant, Vaccaria pyramidata, of the pink family, native to Europe, having clusters of pink flowers. /ˈkaʊˌhɜːb/ noun 1. a European caryophyllaceous plant, Saponaria vaccaria, having clusters of pink flowers: a weed in the US See also soapwort

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    [kou-hurd] /ˈkaʊˌhɜrd/ noun 1. a person whose occupation is tending and herding cows. /ˈkaʊˌhɜːd/ noun 1. a person employed to tend cattle

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    [kou-hahyd] /ˈkaʊˌhaɪd/ noun 1. the of a . 2. the leather made from it. 3. a strong, flexible whip made of rawhide or of braided leather. 4. cowhides, Informal. a pair of boots or shoes, especially those made of cowhide. verb (used with object), cowhided, cowhiding. 5. to whip with a cowhide. /ˈkaʊˌhaɪd/ noun 1. […]

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    noun 1. .

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