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[kou-poks] /ˈkaʊˌpɒks/

noun, Veterinary Pathology.
an eruptive disease appearing on the teats and udders of , in which small pustules form that contain a virus used in the vaccination of humans against smallpox.
a contagious viral disease of cows characterized by vesicles on the skin, esp on the teats and udder. Inoculation of humans with this virus provides temporary immunity to smallpox. It can be transmitted to other species, esp cats

cowpox cow·pox (kou’pŏks’)
A mild, contagious skin disease of cattle, usually affecting the udder, that is caused by a virus and characterized by the eruption of a pustular rash. When the virus is transmitted to humans, as by vaccination, it can confer immunity to smallpox. Also called vaccinia.


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