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a small, isolated, and rather unsophisticated town; also written cow town


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  • Cow-town

    noun 1. a small town, especially one in a cattle-raising district in the western U.S. or Canada. 2. a town or city, especially in the western U.S. or Canada, from which cattle are shipped to market. noun See cowtown

  • Cow tree

    noun 1. a South American moraceous tree, Brosimum galactodendron, producing latex used as a substitute for milk

  • Cow-vetch

    noun 1. a climbing plant, Vicia cracca, of the legume family, of Eurasia and North America, having elongated clusters of violet-purple flowers.

  • Cox

    [koks] /kɒks/ Informal. noun 1. . verb (used with object) 2. to act as to (a boat). [koks] /kɒks/ noun 1. James Middleton, 1870–1957, U.S. journalist and politician. /kɒks/ noun 1. a coxswain, esp of a racing eight or four verb 2. to act as coxswain of (a boat) /kɒks/ noun 1. David. 1783–1859, English […]

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