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[kok-suh] /ˈkɒk sə/

noun, plural coxae
[kok-see] /ˈkɒk si/ (Show IPA)

Zoology. the first or proximal segment of the leg of insects and other arthropods.
noun (pl) coxae (ˈkɒksiː)
a technical name for the hipbone or hip joint
the basal segment of the leg of an insect

coxa cox·a (kŏk’sə)
n. pl. cox·ae (kŏk’sē’)


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  • Coxalgia

    [kok-sal-jee-uh, -juh] /kɒkˈsæl dʒi ə, -dʒə/ noun 1. pain in the hip. /kɒkˈsældʒɪə/ noun 1. pain in the hip joint 2. disease of the hip joint causing pain coxalgia cox·al·gi·a (kŏk-sāl’jē-ə, -jə) n. Pain in or disease of the hip or hip joint.

  • Coxa magna

    coxa magna coxa mag·na (māg’nə) n. Enlargement and deformation of the head of the femur.

  • Coxa plana

    coxa plana coxa pla·na (plā’nə) n. See osteochondritis deformans juvenilis.

  • Coxa valga

    coxa valga coxa val·ga (vāl’gə) n. Deformity of the hip in which the angle made by the femoral neck and the femoral shaft is increased.

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