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copy in and out


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  • Cpk

    creatine phosphokinase

  • Cpl

    1. . abbreviation 1. Corporal Combined Programming Language. U Cambridge and U London. A very complex language, syntactically based on ALGOL 60, with a pure functional subset. Provides the ..where.. form of local definitions. Strongly typed but has a “general” type enabling a weak form of polymorphism. Functions may be defined as either normal or […]

  • Cpld

    complex programmable logic device

  • Cpm

    Commerce. 1. cost per thousand. 1. Commerce. cost per thousand. 2. Critical Path Method. Trademark. 1. Control Program/Microprocessors: a microcomputer operating system. 1. Music. common particular meter. 2. cycles per minute. noun 1. an operating system widely used on microcomputers to enable a wide range of software from many suppliers to be run on them […]

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