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[krab] /kræb/

George, 1778–1851, English author and philologist.


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  • Crabbe

    [krab] /kræb/ noun 1. George, 1754–1832, English poet. /kræb/ noun 1. George. 1754–1832, English narrative poet, noted for his depiction of impoverished rural life in The Village (1783) and The Borough (1810)

  • Crabbed

    [krab-id] /ˈkræb ɪd/ adjective 1. grouchy; ill-natured; irritable; churlish. 2. perverse; contrary; obstinate. 3. hard to understand; intricate and obscure. 4. difficult to read or decipher, as handwriting. [krab] /kræb/ noun 1. any decapod crustacean of the suborder Brachyura, having the eyes on short stalks and a short, broad, more or less flattened body, the […]

  • Crabber

    [krab-er] /ˈkræb ər/ noun 1. a person who catches . 2. a boat used in catching . /ˈkræbə/ noun 1. a crab fisherman 2. a boat used for crab-fishing

  • Crabbers

    [krab-er] /ˈkræb ər/ noun 1. a person who catches . 2. a boat used in catching . [krab] /kræb/ noun 1. Informal. an ill-tempered or grouchy person. verb (used without object), crabbed, crabbing. 2. Informal. to find fault; complain. 3. (of hawks) to claw each other. verb (used with object), crabbed, crabbing. 4. Informal. to […]

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