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[krak-uh-jak] /ˈkræk əˌdʒæk/

noun, adjective


: He estimates that a crackerjack examiner working under optimum conditions would find 10 to 15 percent of his cases to be inconclusive/ I’m a crackerjack story teller


A person or thing that is remarkable, wonderful, superior, etc: Signorelli is a crackerjack

[late 1880s+; origin uncertain; perhaps a fanciful extension of cracker in the mid-19th-century British sense ”something approaching perfection,” which is also reflected in terms like crack shot, crack troops, etc, and based on an echoic expression of speed; hence also cracking; the term is reinforced in the US by late 19th-century trademark Cracker Jack for a popcorn and peanut confection]


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  • Crack a joke

    Make a joke, say something humorous, as in You can count on Grandpa to crack a joke on every occasion. This expression uses the verb to crack in the now obsolete sense of “briskly pronounce” or “boast.” [ Early 1700s ]

  • Crackberry

    /ˈkrækˌbərɪ/ noun (pl) -ries 1. (informal) nickname for a BlackBerry handheld device that functions as a telephone, PDA, and e-mailer and appears to have an addictive hold on its users noun a person who uses a BlackBerry handheld computer addictively or obsessively; also, the BlackBerry when used this way Word Origin 2000 Usage Note slang

  • Crackbrain

    [krak-breyn] /ˈkrækˌbreɪn/ noun 1. a foolish, senseless, or insane person. /ˈkrækˌbreɪn/ noun 1. a person who is insane

  • Crackbrained

    [krak-breynd] /ˈkrækˌbreɪnd/ adjective 1. foolish, senseless, or insane. /ˈkrækˌbreɪnd/ adjective 1. insane, idiotic, or crazy adjective Crazy; eccentric; wild; crackpot (1634+)

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