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difficult to pronounce
a word or phrase that is difficult to pronounce


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  • Crackle

    [krak-uh l] /ˈkræk əl/ verb (used without object), crackled, crackling. 1. to make slight, sudden, sharp noises, rapidly repeated. 2. to form a network of fine on the surface. 3. (of ceramic glaze) to craze. 4. to exhibit liveliness, vibrancy, anticipation, etc.: The play crackled with wit. verb (used with object), crackled, crackling. 5. to […]

  • Crackleware

    [krak-uh l-wair] /ˈkræk əlˌwɛər/ noun 1. ceramic having a glaze.

  • Crackling

    [krak-ling or for 2, 3, -luh n] /ˈkræk lɪŋ or for 2, 3, -lən/ noun 1. the making of slight cracking sounds rapidly repeated. 2. the crisp browned skin or rind of roast pork. 3. Usually, cracklings. Southern U.S. the crisp residue left when fat, especially hog or chicken fat, is rendered. [krak-uh l] /ˈkræk […]

  • Crackly

    [krak-lee] /ˈkræk li/ adjective, cracklier, crackliest. 1. apt to .

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