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[krang-kuh l] /ˈkræŋ kəl/

noun, verb (used with or without object), crankled, crankling.
bend; turn; crinkle.


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  • Crank-letter

    noun 1. a hostile or fanatical letter, often sent anonymously. Also, crank call. An irrational, fanatical, or hostile letter or telephone call. For example, The office was flooded with mail, including a lot of crank letters, or Harriet was upset enough by the crank calls to notify the police. This expression employs crank in the […]

  • Crankly

    [krangk] /kræŋk/ adjective, British Dialect. 1. lively; high-spirited. /kræŋk/ noun 1. a device for communicating motion or for converting reciprocating motion into rotary motion or vice versa. It consists of an arm projecting from a shaft, often with a second member attached to it parallel to the shaft 2. Also called crank handle, starting handle. […]

  • Cranko

    /ˈkræŋkəʊ/ noun 1. John. 1927–73, British choreographer, born in South Africa: director of the Stuttgart Ballet (1961–73)

  • Crank on someone

    verb phrase To vent one’s anger on; hassle: She must have needed someone to crank on, and I was elected (1980s+)

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