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[krap] /kræp/

(in craps) a losing throw, in which the total on the two dice is 2, 3, or 12.
Verb phrases, past and past participle crapped, present participle crapping.
crap out,

a losing throw in the game of craps
another name for craps
another word for faeces
verb craps, crapping, crapped
(intransitive) another word for defecate

“defecate,” 1846, from one of a cluster of words generally applied to things cast off or discarded (e.g. “weeds growing among corn” (early 15c.), “residue from renderings” (late 15c.), underworld slang for “money” (18c.), and in Shropshire, “dregs of beer or ale”), all probably from Middle English crappe “grain that was trodden underfoot in a barn, chaff” (mid-15c.), from Middle French crape “siftings,” from Old French crappe, from Medieval Latin crappa, crapinum “chaff.” Related: Crapped; crapping.

Despite folk etymology insistence, not from Thomas Crapper (1837-1910) who was, however, a busy plumber and may have had some minor role in the development of modern toilets. The name Crapper is a northern form of Cropper (attested from 1221), an occupational surname, obviously, but the exact reference is unclear.

“act of defecation,” 1898; see crap (v.). Sense of “rubbish, nonsense” also first recorded 1898.


An exclamation of disbelief, disgust, disappointment, rejection, etc; fuck, shit: Oh, crap, I broke it again (1930s+)



Related Terms

all that kind of crap, full of shit, shoot the bull

[by extension fr Middle English crap, ”chaff, siftings of grain, residue”]


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