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[krash-proof] /ˈkræʃˌpruf/

(of a vehicle) resistant to damage and as safe as possible for the occupants in the event of a .
that cannot be smashed or broken.


Read Also:

  • Crash team

    noun 1. a medical team with special equipment able to be mobilized quickly to treat cardiac arrest

  • Crash-test

    verb 1. (transitive) to test (a new product) for safety and reliability by finding out its breaking point under pressure, heat, etc verb to deliberately crash a new vehicle as a quality test of its ability to withstand impact

  • Crash the gate

    Gain admittance, as to a party or concert, without being invited or without paying. For example, The concert was outdoors, but heavy security prevented anyone from crashing the gate. This term originally applied to persons getting through the gate at sports events without buying tickets. By the 1920s it was extended to being an uninvited […]

  • Crash-truck

    noun 1. an emergency vehicle based at an airport.

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