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a bowl-shaped depression in the earth in central Arizona: believed to have been made by the impact of a meteoroid. 4000 feet (1220 meters) wide; 600 feet (183 meters) deep.


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  • Craterous

    [krey-ter] /ˈkreɪ tər/ noun 1. the cup-shaped depression or cavity on the surface of the earth or other heavenly body marking the orifice of a volcano. 2. Also called impact crater, meteorite crater. (on the surface of the earth, moon, etc.) a bowl-shaped depression with a raised rim, formed by the impact of a meteoroid. […]

  • Craters-of-the-moon

    noun 1. a national monument in S Idaho: site of scenic lava-flow formations.

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    [krey-ton] /ˈkreɪ tɒn/ noun, Geology. 1. a relatively rigid and immobile region of continental portions of the earth’s crust. /ˈkreɪtən/ noun 1. (geology) a stable part of the earth’s continental crust or lithosphere that has not been deformed significantly for many millions, even hundreds of millions, of years See shield (sense 7) craton (krā’tŏn’) A […]

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    /ˈkretər/ noun (Irish & Scot) 1. the cratur, whisky or whiskey: a drop of the cratur 2. a person

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