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Crawl with

adjective phrase

To be well provided with: The place was suddenly crawling with cops (1576+)


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  • Crawly

    [kraw-lee] /ˈkrɔ li/ Informal. adjective, crawlier, crawliest. 1. that ; noting or describing things, as worms or insects, that crawl, especially imparting a queasy feeling; creepy. noun, plural crawlies. 2. a insect, small reptile, etc. /ˈkrɔːlɪ/ adjective crawlier, crawliest 1. (informal) feeling or causing a sensation like creatures crawling on one’s skin

  • Craw-thumper

    noun 1. (Irish, informal) an ostentatiously pious person

  • Craxi

    /ˈkræksɪ/ noun 1. Bettino (beˈtiːno). 1934–2000, Italian socialist statesman; prime minister (1983–87)

  • Cray

    [krey] /kreɪ/ adjective, Slang. 1. crazy. /kreɪ/ noun 1. (Austral & NZ, informal) a crayfish

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