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Commodity Research Bureau
Corona Borealis


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  • CRC

    1. Civil Rights Commission. cyclic redundancy check 1. camera-ready copy 2. Civil Rights Commission 3. Costa Rica-colon (currency) 4. cyclic redundancy check

  • Crd

    chronic respiratory disease

  • Crdc

    Climate Research Data Center

  • Cr de duve

    [duh dy-vuh] /də ˈdü və/ noun 1. Christian René [krees-tyahn ruh-ney] /krisˈtyɑ̃ rəˈneɪ/ (Show IPA), . [dy-vuh] /ˈdü və/ noun 1. Christian René de [krees-tyahn ruh-ney duh] /krisˈtyɑ̃ rəˈneɪ də/ (Show IPA), 1917–2013, Belgian biologist, born in England: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1974. /də dyːv/ noun 1. Christian. born 1917, Belgian biochemist, who discovered lysosomes: […]

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