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a type of earthenware with a deep cream body developed about 1720 and widely produced See also Queensware


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  • Creamwove

    /ˈkriːmˌwəʊv/ adjective 1. (of wove paper) cream-coloured and even-surfaced

  • Creamy

    [kree-mee] /ˈkri mi/ adjective, creamier, creamiest. 1. containing cream. 2. resembling cream in consistency or taste; soft and smooth. 3. having a yellowish-white color; cream-colored. 4. Informal. /ˈkriːmɪ/ adjective creamier, creamiest 1. resembling cream in colour, taste, or consistency 2. containing cream adj. mid-15c., from cream (n.) + -y (2). Related: Creamily; creaminess.

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    [kree-uh ns] /ˈkri əns/ noun, Falconry. 1. a light cord attached to the leg of a hawk to prevent escape during training.

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