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[kree-cher-uh l] /ˈkri tʃər əl/

of, relating to, or of the nature of a .


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  • Creature

    [kree-cher] /ˈkri tʃər/ noun 1. an animal, especially a nonhuman: the creatures of the woods and fields; a creature from outer space. 2. anything , whether animate or inanimate. 3. person; human being: She is a charming creature. The driver of a bus is sometimes an irritable creature. 4. an animate being. 5. a person […]

  • Creature-comforts

    plural noun 1. things that contribute to bodily comfort and ease, as food, warmth, a comfortable bed, hot water for bathing, etc. plural noun 1. material things or luxuries that help to provide for one’s bodily comfort The basic physical things that make life pleasant — good food, warm clothing, etc.: “The poor frequently lack […]

  • Creature feature

    noun 1. a horror film featuring a monster

  • Creatureliness

    [kree-cher-lee] /ˈkri tʃər li/ adjective 1. .

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