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a restraint or limitation of credit.
the control of credit facilities as an instrument of economic policy, associated with restrictions on bank loans and overdrafts, raised interest rates, etc


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  • Credit-standing

    noun 1. reputation for meeting financial obligations. noun 1. reputation for discharging financial obligations

  • Credit transfer

    noun 1. a method of settling a debt by transferring money through a bank or post office, esp for those who do not have cheque accounts

  • Credit-union

    noun 1. a cooperative group that makes loans to its members at low rates of interest. noun 1. a cooperative association whose members can obtain low-interest loans out of their combined savings An organization formed by employees of a company or institution to make personal loans at low interest rates to all employees of that […]

  • Creditworthiness

    [kred-it-wur-th ee] /ˈkrɛd ɪtˌwɜr ði/ adjective 1. having a satisfactory credit rating. /ˈkrɛdɪtˌwɜːðɪ/ adjective 1. (of an individual or business enterprise) adjudged as meriting credit on the basis of such factors as earning power, previous record of debt repayment, etc

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