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a pen so constructed as to exclude larger animals while permitting young animals to enter and obtain feed.


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  • Creep-feeding

    [kreep-feed] /ˈkripˌfid/ verb (used with object), creep-fed, creep-feeding. 1. to feed (animals) in a creep feeder. noun 1. the practice of feeding young farm animals (esp piglets, calves, and lambs) in a sectioned-off part of their indoor environment, in order to prevent the mother from gaining access to the food

  • Creep-grazing

    noun 1. a method of pasture management that allows young farm animals (esp lambs) to graze part of the pasture before the adults in the group

  • Creepie

    /ˈkriːpɪ; ˈkrɪp-/ noun 1. (mainly Scot) a low stool

  • Creepier

    [kree-pee] /ˈkri pi/ adjective, creepier, creepiest. 1. having or causing a sensation of the skin, as from horror or fear: a creepy ghost story. 2. that : a creepy insect. 3. Slang. of, relating to, or characteristic of a person who is a ; obnoxious; weird. /ˈkriːpɪ/ adjective creepier, creepiest 1. (informal) having or causing […]

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