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[kreet-n or, esp. British, kret-n] /ˈkrit n or, esp. British, ˈkrɛt n/

a person suffering from .
a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person.
(old-fashioned) a person afflicted with cretinism
(offensive) a person considered to be extremely stupid

1779, from French crétin (18c.), from Alpine dialect crestin, “a dwarfed and deformed idiot” of a type formerly found in families in the Alpine lands, a condition caused by a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones, from Vulgar Latin *christianus “a Christian,” a generic term for “anyone,” but often with a sense of “poor fellow.” Related: Cretinism (1801).

cretin cre·tin (krēt’n)
A person afflicted with cretinism.
cre’tin·oid’ (-oid’) adj.
cre’tin·ous (-əs) adj.


Wrong; inoperative; wretchedly designed; bletcherous (1980s+ Computer)


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