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[kroo-meyt] /ˈkruˌmeɪt/

a fellow member of a crew, especially on an aircraft, ship, or spacecraft.
a colleague on the crew of a boat or ship


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  • Crew-neck

    noun 1. a collarless neckline, as on a sweater or jersey, that fits snugly at the base of the neck. 2. a sweater, jersey, or other garment having such a neckline. noun 1. a plain round neckline in sweaters

  • Crew pram

    concurrent read, exclusive write PRAM.

  • Crew-sock

    noun 1. Usually, crew socks. short, thick casual socks usually ribbed above the ankles.

  • CRF

    1. corticotropin releasing factor. 1. chronic renal failure 2. corticotropin releasing factor

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