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extremely embarrassing; cringe-making
Word Origin

cringe + worthy
Usage Note



Read Also:

  • Cringing

    [krinj] /krɪndʒ/ verb (used without object), cringed, cringing. 1. to shrink, bend, or crouch, especially in fear or servility; cower. 2. to fawn. noun 3. servile or fawning deference. /krɪndʒ/ verb (intransitive) 1. to shrink or flinch, esp in fear or servility 2. to behave in a servile or timid way 3. (informal) noun 4. […]

  • Cringle

    [kring-guh l] /ˈkrɪŋ gəl/ noun, Nautical. 1. an eye or grommet formed on the boltrope of a sail to permit the attachment of lines. /ˈkrɪŋɡəl/ noun 1. an eye at the edge of a sail, usually formed from a thimble or grommet

  • Crinkle

    [kring-kuh l] /ˈkrɪŋ kəl/ verb (used with or without object), crinkled, crinkling. 1. to wrinkle; crimple; ripple. 2. to make slight, sharp sounds; rustle. 3. to turn or wind in many little bends and twists. noun 4. a wrinkle or ripple. 5. a crinkling sound. 6. a turn or twist. /ˈkrɪŋkəl/ verb 1. to form […]

  • Crinkle-leaf

    noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a disease of plants, characterized by puckering, mottling, and distortion of the leaves, caused by any of several viruses.

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