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[krahy-noid, krin-oid] /ˈkraɪ nɔɪd, ˈkrɪn ɔɪd/

any echinoderm of the class Crinoidea, having a cup-shaped body to which are attached branched, radiating arms, comprising the sea lilies, feather stars, and various fossil forms.
belonging or pertaining to the Crinoidea.
/ˈkraɪnɔɪd; ˈkrɪn-/
any primitive echinoderm of the class Crinoidea, having delicate feathery arms radiating from a central disc. The group includes the free-swimming feather stars, the sessile sea lilies, and many stemmed fossil forms
of, relating to, or belonging to the Crinoidea
shaped like a lily

1836, Latinized from Greek krinoeides “lily-like,” from krinon “lily” (a foreign word of unknown origin) + -oeides “like” (see -oid).
Any of various marine echinoderms of the class Crinoidea. Crinoids have a cup-shaped body with five or more feathery arms and sometimes a stalk for attachment to a surface. The arms contain reproductive organs and sensory tube feet. Crinoids were common during the Paleozoic Era and are important index fossils. Sea lilies and feather stars are types of crinoids.


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