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[kris-puh n] /ˈkrɪs pən/

verb (used with or without object)
to make or become .


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  • Crisper

    [kris-per] /ˈkrɪs pər/ noun 1. a person or thing that , corrugates, or curls. 2. a drawer or compartment in a refrigerator for keeping lettuce, celery, and other vegetables . 3. an ovenlike appliance for restoring the crispness of crackers, cookies, etc., by dry heating. [krisp] /krɪsp/ adjective, crisper, crispest. 1. (especially of food) hard […]

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    [kree-spee] /ˈkri spi/ noun 1. Francesco [frahn-che-skaw] /frɑnˈtʃɛ skɔ/ (Show IPA), 1819–1910, prime minister of Italy 1887–91, 1893–96. /Italian ˈkrispi/ noun 1. Francesco (franˈtʃesko). 1819–1901, Italian statesman; premier (1887–91; 1893–96)

  • Crispin

    [kris-pin] /ˈkrɪs pɪn/ noun 1. Saint, with his brother (Saint Crispinian) martyred a.d. c285, Roman Christian missionaries in Gaul: patron saints of shoemakers. 2. (lowercase) a shoemaker. /ˈkrɪspɪn/ noun 1. Saint, 3rd century ad, legendary Roman Christian martyr, with his brother Crispinian (krɪˈspɪnɪən): they are the patron saints of shoemakers. Feast day: Oct 25 n. […]

  • Crisping-pin

    (Isa. 3:22; R.V., “satchel”), some kind of female ornament, probably like the modern reticule. The Hebrew word _harit_ properly signifies pouch or casket or purse. It is rendered “bag” in 2 Kings 5:23.

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