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[kris-teyt] /ˈkrɪs teɪt/

having a crest; crested.
forming a crest.
having a crest
forming a crest


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    [kri-stoh-buh l] /krɪˈstoʊ bəl/ noun 1. a seaport in Panama at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal, adjacent to Colón.

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    [kri-stoh-buh-lahyt] /krɪˈstoʊ bəˌlaɪt/ noun, Mineralogy. 1. a polymorph of quartz occurring in volcanic rock in the form of colorless, translucent crystals. /krɪsˈtəʊbəˌlaɪt/ noun 1. a white microcrystalline mineral consisting of silica and occurring in volcanic rocks. Formula: SiO2

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    [kree-stawf] /kriˈstɔf/ noun 1. Henri, . [kree-stawf] /kriˈstɔf/ noun 1. Henri [ahn-ree] /ɑ̃ˈri/ (Show IPA), (“Henri I”I) 1767–1820, Haitian revolutionary general, born in Grenada: king 1811–20. /French kristɔf/ noun 1. Henri (ɑ̃ri). 1767–1820, Haitian revolutionary leader; king of Haiti (1811–20)

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