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Critical list


a list of those who are critically ill in a hospital


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  • Critical-mass

    noun 1. Physics. the amount of a given fissionable material necessary to sustain a chain reaction at a constant rate. 2. an amount necessary or sufficient to have a significant effect or to achieve a result: a critical mass of popular support. noun 1. the minimum mass of fissionable material that can sustain a nuclear […]

  • Criticalness

    [krit-i-kuh l] /ˈkrɪt ɪ kəl/ adjective 1. inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often too readily. 2. occupied with or skilled in criticism. 3. involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc.; judicial: a critical analysis. 4. of or relating to critics or criticism: critical essays. 5. providing textual variants, proposed emendations, […]

  • Critical organ

    critical organ n. The organ or physiological system that would first be subjected to radiation in excess of the maximum permissible amount as the dose of a radioactive material is increased.

  • Critical path

    noun the necessary path or sequence from start to finish, determining the time needed for completion; the longest most time-consuming path in a network

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