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Physics. the point at which a substance in one phase, as the liquid, has the same density, pressure, and temperature as in another phase, as the gaseous.


(maths) the US name for stationary point
critical point


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  • Critical-pressure

    noun, Physics. 1. the pressure of a pure element or compound at a critical point. noun 1. the pressure of a gas or the saturated vapour pressure of a substance in its critical state critical pressure The pressure of a substance at its critical point.

  • Critical-ratio

    noun, Statistics. 1. a ratio associated with the probability of a sample, usually the ratio of the deviation from the mean to the standard deviation.

  • Critical-region

    noun, Statistics. 1. the rejection region for the null hypothesis in the testing of a hypothesis. noun 1. that part of a statistical distribution in which the probability of a given hypothesis is less than the chosen significance level, so that the hypothesis would be rejected

  • Critical section

    A non-re-entrant piece of code that can only be executed by one process at a time. It will usually terminate in bounded time and a process will only have to wait a bounded time to enter it. Some synchronisation mechanism is required at the entry and exit of the critical section to ensure exclusive use.

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