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[kroh-ker] /ˈkroʊ kər/

a person or thing that .
any of several sciaenoid fishes that make a noise, especially Micropogonias undulatus (Atlantic croaker) found off the Atlantic coast of the southern U.S.
a person who grumbles or forebodes evil.
Slang. .
an animal, bird, etc, that croaks
any of various mainly tropical marine sciaenid fishes, such as Umbrina roncador (yellowfin croaker), that utter croaking noises
a grumbling person

“prophet of evil,” 1630s, agent noun from croak (v.); a reference to the raven (cf. Middle English crake “a raven,” early 14c., from Old Norse kraka “crow,” of imitative origin).


A physician: Don’t say ”croaker,” say ”doctor” (1859+)


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