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[krom-wuh l, -wel; for 1–3 also kruhm-] /ˈkrɒm wəl, -wɛl; for 1–3 also ˈkrʌm-/

Oliver, 1599–1658, English general, Puritan statesman, and Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1653–58.
his son, Richard, 1626–1712, English soldier, politician, Lord Protector of England 1658–59.
Thomas, Earl of Essex, 1485?–1540, English statesman.
a town in central Connecticut.
/ˈkrɒmwəl; -wɛl/
Oliver. 1599–1658, English general and statesman. A convinced Puritan, he was an effective leader of the parliamentary army in the Civil War. After the execution of Charles I he quelled the Royalists in Scotland and Ireland, and became Lord Protector of the Commonwealth (1653–58)
his son, Richard. 1626–1712, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth (1658–59)
Thomas,Earl of Essex. ?1485–1540, English statesman. He was secretary to Cardinal Wolsey (1514), after whose fall he became chief adviser to Henry VIII. He drafted most of the Reformation legislation, securing its passage through parliament, the power of which he thereby greatly enhanced. He was executed after losing Henry’s favour


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