A(rchibald) J(oseph) 1896–1981, Scottish novelist and physician in the U.S.
Contemporary Examples

Cronin is one of those authors whose personal story quickly becomes the story.
A Manly Man’s Monster Novel Lizzie Skurnick June 23, 2010

For those who are as captivated by this book as I am, try also Cronin’s Mary and O’Neil—absolutely stupendous.
6 Great Summer Beach Reads Elin Hilderbrand July 29, 2010

Cronin takes this angle when explaining his interest in vampires.
Horror Goes Highbrow Josh Dzieza October 30, 2011

Historical Examples

There was, first of all, Captain Cronin to be visited in Bellevue.
The Voice on the Wire Eustace Hale Ball

We call that rock by a strange name—from a strange circumstance, said Cronin.
Bits of Blarney R. Shelton Mackenzie

At Cronin’s agency, late that night, there came a cablegram from the greatest detective bureau of France.
The Voice on the Wire Eustace Hale Ball

Miss Cronin wired obedience and would be on the way immediately.
December Love Robert Hichens

We devoutly hope that the officers authorized by law will succeed in bringing to justice the assassins of Dr. Cronin.
The Crime of the Century Henry M. Hunt

And as you were not to be found I paid a visit to Miss Cronin.
December Love Robert Hichens

“It’s the only thing that will be any use, it seems to me,” Cronin replied.
Ted and the Telephone Sara Ware Bassett

A(rchibald) J(oseph). 1896–1981, British novelist and physician. His works include Hatter’s Castle (1931), The Judas Tree (1961), and Dr Finlay’s Casebook, a TV series based on his medical experiences
James Watson. born 1931, US physicist; shared the Nobel prize for physics (1980) for his work on parity conservation in weak interactions

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