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[kroo k-id for 1–4, 6; kroo kt for 5] /ˈkrʊk ɪd for 1–4, 6; krʊkt for 5/

not straight; bending; curved:
a crooked path.
askew; awry:
The picture on the wall seems to be crooked.
a man with a crooked back.
not straightforward; dishonest.
bent and often raised or moved to one side, as a finger or neck.
(of a coin) polygonal:
a crooked sixpence.
bent, angled or winding
set at an angle; not straight
deformed or contorted
(informal) dishonest or illegal
(Austral, informal) crooked on (also) (krʊkt). hostile or averse to

noun phrase

Nonsense; lies and exaggerations; mendacious cant; bullshit: characterized reports of TJ Club activity in Weinstein’s campaign as a ”crock of shit”/ Asked about Burns’s contention, he replied, ”That’s a crock of shit” (1940s+)


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    [kroo k] /krʊk/ adjective, Australian. 1. sick or feeble. 2. ill-humored; angry. 3. out of order; functioning improperly. 4. unsatisfactory; disappointing. /krʊk/ noun 1. a curved or hooked thing 2. a staff with a hooked end, such as a bishop’s crosier or shepherd’s staff 3. a turn or curve; bend 4. (informal) a dishonest person, […]

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