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[kraws-foo t, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌfʊt, ˈkrɒs-/

verb (used without object)
Accounting. to total figures horizontally across columns instead of vertically.


Read Also:

  • Cross-fox

    noun 1. a red fox in the color phase in which the fur is reddish brown with a dark stripe down the back and another over the shoulders.

  • Cross-garnet

    [kraws-gahr-nit, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌgɑr nɪt, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a T -shaped strap hinge with the crosspiece as the stationary member. noun 1. a hinge with a long horizontal strap fixed to the face of a door and a short vertical leaf fixed to the door frame

  • Cross-gartered

    [kraws-gahr-terd, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˈgɑr tərd, ˈkrɒs-/ adjective 1. (in Elizabethan and other costumes) wearing garters crisscrossed on the leg.

  • Cross-grained

    [kraws-greynd, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˈgreɪnd, ˈkrɒs-/ adjective 1. having the grain running transversely or diagonally, or having an irregular or gnarled grain, as timber. 2. stubborn; perverse. adjective 1. (of timber) having the fibres arranged irregularly or in a direction that deviates from the axis of the piece 2. perverse, cantankerous, or stubborn

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