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a Latin cross with a representation of steps beneath it.


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  • Cross of valour

    noun 1. the highest Canadian award for bravery CV

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    [kro-sop-tuh-rij-ee-uh n] /krɒˌsɒp təˈrɪdʒ i ən/ noun 1. any fish of the group Crossopterygii, extinct except for the coelacanth, regarded as being ancestral to amphibians and other land vertebrates. adjective 2. pertaining to or resembling a crossopterygian. /krɒˌsɒptəˈrɪdʒɪən/ noun 1. any bony fish of the subclass Crossopterygii, having fleshy limblike pectoral fins. The group, now […]

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    [kraws-out, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌaʊt, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a word, line, etc., that has been crossed out. [kraws, kros] /krɔs, krɒs/ noun 1. a structure consisting essentially of an upright and a transverse piece, used to execute persons in ancient times. 2. any object, figure, or mark resembling a cross, as two intersecting lines. 3. a mark […]

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