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[kraws-yoot-l-ahyz, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˈyut lˌaɪz, ˈkrɒs-/

verb (used with object), cross-utilized, cross-utilizing.
to make use of in an additional or different way.


Read Also:

  • Cross-vine

    [kraws-vahyn, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌvaɪn, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a climbing or creeping woody vine, Bignonia capreolata, of the bignonia family, having yellow-red trumpet-shaped flowers and a stem that shows a crosslike arrangement in cross section.

  • Crosswalk

    [kraws-wawk, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌwɔk, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a lane marked off for pedestrians to use when crossing a street, as at an intersection. /ˈkrɒsˌwɔːk/ noun 1. (US & Canadian) a path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) pedestrian crossing See also zebra crossing, pelican crossing

  • Crossway

    [kraws-wey, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌweɪ, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a crossroad.

  • Crossways

    [kraws-weyz, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌweɪz, ˈkrɒs-/ adverb 1. . [kraws-wey, kros-] /ˈkrɔsˌweɪ, ˈkrɒs-/ noun 1. a crossroad.

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